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Are you tired of feeling confused and unsure about how to achieve your goals? Do you want to know the secret path to success?

If you do, here’s some good news: successful individuals have three key habits in common. These habits, which are learning, thinking, and acting, can be learned and developed by anyone.

In this publication, Learn Think Act Grow, we will explore these essential skills in-depth and teach you how to apply them in your own life.

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I am curating the most impactful insights to share with you by researching books, podcasts, and YouTube videos. My mission is to distill these invaluable lessons into actionable tips, strategies, and tools that you can implement in your daily life.

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The "Learn Think Act Grow" publication will guide you through practical steps that empower you to take control of your journey to success by focusing on three fundamental habits: learning, thinking, and acting.


I’m a Principle Software Engineer at Salesforce.com. I am an avid book reader and podcast listener. I write about Personal Development, Productivity, Programming, Learning, Thinking , Apps & Tools, Success.